Cutting curly hair is a true art. The feat is to give natural bounce, free-flowing definition to curls without seeing thin ends or clumps of curls. Now, how many times have you thought that if you had an ace up your sleeve, a great hairdresser in Brighton is like pure gold but they can be equally hard to find! If you have curly hair then you know the challenges that come with keeping your locks in check and styled in a way that suits you. If you want to test how good a new hairdresser from Brighton is, dare to ask them what do they recommend for your curly hair. Don’t panic, you don’t have to take their advice but it’s a great opportunity to find out just how much they know about cutting, styling and loving your curls as much as you do. Today we are getting expert tips from the curly hair stylists Amanda & Lynsey here at The Hair & Lounge. Lynsey and Amanda are very well known locally as highly skilled Brighton based stylists and the two business partners have oodles of experience with all hair types but they bring unique insights to curly hair as they both have a mass of vibrant curls each of there own! Both are amazing with an incredible ability to tame the tangles and let your crowning glory steal the show!



We stopped by to ask for there curly hair tips! Lynsey and I work with each head of curls individuality but there are many similarities to us curly girls and some rules to guide us to get it right Firstly for the cut its important to understand your face shape as different hairstyles suit different face shapes, the aim is to add the appearance of symmetry to your face or draw attention to or away from certain features. Whether you have wavy curls, loose curls or have spiral curls, even styling your hair curly for a night out here are a few tips for each face shape surrounded buy curls.

Oval face shape, the balance we all strive for! Pull those curls off your face, layer to remove weight and let those curls flow.

Square face, wide around the eyes and forehead and the same around the jawbone! Creating a round fuller shape with uniform layers with soft ends to the curls to give hight, roundness and softness to the top, sides and jawline. A parting to the side to give a cross over angled fringe also helps to round off the width of a square face.

Diamond face shape, below shoulder length hair with long layers that sit around the level of the ears and between the shoulders and chin give the illusion of width where the jaw is narrow, soft side partings and short to long fringes help to give the width around the temple and show off the cheekbone area, layered curls brought forward and full around the chin area help to soften and draw the eye away from the chin.

Round face shape, if your brave take those sides off and remove the back! create curls on top to give the illusion of stretch and elongation. Otherwise, middle partings with long layered face-framing fringes into long layered curls onto the shoulders will also elongate the face too if you prefer to have a longer style.

Heart shape, below shoulder works well! using angled layering helps to create a full rounded curly shape, giving height to lengthen the face, narrowing around the temples and long layers that fill up the space around a narrow chin. Middle or just off partings push hair off the face making it appear less wide and appear longer.

And finally the…
Triangle face shape, a collar bone length with short to long layers cut all the way around the head will create height, fullness and balance to the top of the head and allow the longer curls to tumble softly around the jawline and chin. A curly inverted bob style also flatters this face shape well.

For Styling your curls, as avid users we recommend using Redken‘s Curvaceous range these cleansers, leave-in or rinse conditioners and styling products help to keep the correct moisture level to all types of curls and boost whatever amount of nature curl you have and of course leaving you feeling frizz-free!

For more recommendations for your curly locks why not make an appointment to see one of the girls. Look out also for our next blog of must-have tips.

As you can see, it all starts with a good cut and the right products and technique. Speak with a curly hairdresser expert in Brighton and they can make your hairstyle woes a thing of the past!

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  • The medium curl (like a corkscrew), works really well especially for either round or square faces. This style lends itself to long layers combed causally with alcohol-free moulding products, such as mousse, gel or wax. Anti-frizz products are applied (as a conditioner or more in-depth treatment during the wash) and, when they are almost dry, some tufts are teased into shape with tongs to give it more definition. A little serum gives a lustrous finish and softens any natural frizz that is left.
  • If what you want are markedly shorter layers on the front, the hairstyle is similar to the previous one but it is recommended to mark each strand with the curling iron. For a polished and curly hairstyle, the hair is dried with warm air, round brush for straightening (yes, even if it sounds contradictory), so that the natural fizziness of the curls is removed and light moulding product, such as mousse (foam). Then, small one-inch strands are moulded with wide tongs to get that full but elegant style.
  • Medium thick hair can really work by making use of very long layers that has texture in the middle and at the tips. Likewise, it is brushed with a brush and the curl is marked with an iron, pincer or tubes of greater diameter so that the waves are marked smoothly and definitely. One tip is to hold each strand rolled up gently with a pin until they cool well.
  • If you want long layers and your hair is fine, you have to give it movement to prevent it from looking like a dry noodle. The cut should be very textured in the middle and bottom. The hairstyle done by a hairdresser in Brighton is more about creating very soft waves from the middle down, textured with a thin brush.
  • The semi-curly version, where you can work magic between soft and frizzy hair, this does need personalized attention. The trick here is to make waves (not curls) with the iron. When all sections are waved, a wide tooth comb is used to open the texture and achieve the polished and, at the same time, casual look.
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